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Welcome to your new home, your new reality. Born To Rise is more than a business, it is a tribe that celebrates incredible women like you who have decided that the conventional path is not what you were destined to walk.

Many incredible women I have met along the way have known in their souls that the life they were leading was not for them, but frankly, they didn't know what other options were available to them, or how to muster up the courage to take a leap of faith.

I recognise these women because I am one of them. I have always known that I was destined for more, for something different, for a life that was not predictable. I ventured out on my own in 2017 to find my purpose, my calling, the thing that lit my soul on fire and made me feel complete.

After many false starts at different business ideas, I turned my skills as a qualified Project Manager of over 10 years into a "business coaching" venture which has now helped women from all over the world to successfully move away from their 9-5 and closer to financial, location and time freedom.

After all, when you have financial, location and time freedom the world opens up to you. You are no longer bound by borders, held back by financial pressures, or too time-poor to focus on personal development.

It's time for you to start living the life you were born to live. It's time to rise.

Be Part Of A £20 Billion Industry That Keeps Growing

Anyone who has a skillset or knowledge that can be passed to others can join this industry, as long as you can:

a) shorten the learning curve for your client (courses), or

b) help a client achieve a goal they have struggled to do alone (coaching)

The coaching and course industry is a £20 billion industry and one of the fastest-growing in the world with no sign of slowing down. Since 2019 there has been a 62% increase in the market value.

So if you are thinking that it is "too late" to jump on the bandwagon, you are not. People have a thirst for knowledge and have been given the "thumbs up" from society that it is okay to dive deeper into personal development, attend men's and women's circles, learn a new skill, or create their own side business.

This is good news for you because it means that if you have a skill, no matter how nuanced, it is likely that someone wants to learn how to do that.

What my clients have to say

"I just signed a client for 6 months!"

"I am so excited because she is an ideal client, she really is ready and I am genuinely excited to work with her. Thank you so much again, working through sales with you really helped and she LOVED that I had something to show her"

Personal Embodied Ecstacy Coach


Lauren @the_healing_hummingbird

"2 clients & I haven't launched yet"

"I got another client booking my coaching programme, that is two already and I haven't even launched yet! I am just so excited! Thank you so much. I cannot wait to join "Powerful Profits University" (previously DAWN MASTERMIND)

Conscious Parenting & Wellness Coach


Laurena @lorena_kalmaspace

"I want to do this all my life!"

"I am raising my prices. I was resistant to uplevel! You were right in everything you said love! I am so so grateful for you. I truly am. Caitlin thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is rolling now!

Human Design & Intuitive Empowerment Coach


Chi Lisa @chilisaschulz





Welcome to Born to Rise! I built this business as a way to scratch my own itch (so to speak). When I left the corporate world in 2017 and decided to start my own online service business, I did not know the first steps.

I stumbled around in the dark convinced that having been a Project & Change manager for 11 years that starting an online business would be a piece of cake. I was sorely mistaken.

After 2 years of struggling to get things off the ground I invested in my first business coach and since then have invested more than £38,000 in Business; Content; Marketing; Sales & Mindset coaches.

Overall I was disappointed in the lack of practical "how-to" that I deeply desired to get me started. The coaches were gifted speakers and taught me much about embodiment and my mindset however they lacked the "show & tell" element of the exact steps needed to build a successful online business.

I realised that there was a gap in the market to create a business consultancy that provided workshops, courses and Masterminds that specifically focused on the strategy, templates & "step-by-step" procedures that are needed to not only build but SCALE a business to multiple 6-figures.

Thus, Born to Rise was born in June 2021. Since then we have guided more than 42 women to create online services businesses.

I am incredibly proud of what we have created, the team behind the scenes and the clients that we support. Welcome to our world.

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